Chinook Salmon & Albacore Tuna on sale this week!!

Hello everyone,

As you can see, we have a couple of new products in this week’s specials.  I want to let everyone know that both products are excellent.  The Chinook Salmon(aka red spring or king) is grown from a farm that I have been to twice and was pretty amazed with.  The fish is grown with the best methods possible.  I will post the info on our website soon, for those who are curious.  I’m sure you will be impressed with the info.

As for the Albacore tuna, I have many Chinese customers that have asked me for this product in the past.  So, I went to B.C. to source it.  The supply line is very consistent and I am assured the quality is top notch. The loins are used in many restaurants in Vancouver and served sashimi style.  From what I hear, it’s a big hit, and very affordable.

Hopefully, we will have some time to do some sampling this weekend.  I will speak to the chef and see if we can set up a demo sashimi style on the albacore tuna.   Feel free to send me your comments or feedback for these products.  Since it is the customer we are trying to satisfy.  We need to know what makes you happy.

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