Diana’s Seafood Fresh Smell Keeps You Coming Back!

Hello everyone.

I’ve been working hard to make changes for the better.  I hope at least some are evident to you(my customers).  I would hope that you are happy with the products and service at Diana’s Seafood.  We strive to be the best and I think we have made a clear distinction between Diana’s and all the rest.

1.    A constant effort to source a wider variety of products to keep you from getting bored of the same things
2.    Always looking for better logistics methods, to have our seafood products arrive at Diana’s in the freshest state.
3.    Wanting to know who are customers are, so that we can evaluate their needs and wants and work diligently towards fulfilling them.
4.    Having a direct relationship with the seafood farmers, or fisherman to keep costs down, and eliminate variables that can affect quality and freshness.
5.    Investing in the proper equipment to control temperatures that can affect freshness and quality.
6.    Educating the consumer, an investment of time, demonstrating how to cook seafood, or even how to open oysters.
7.    Sampling of a variety of different items from smoked products to oysters.  We believe the proof is in the pudding.

In the end, I think we have achieved customer satisfaction through providing a variety of seafood in the freshest state, fair prices, and a service that is second to none.  I think we have established to you(the customer) that you are one of the main reasons for our business and our goal is to keep you happy.  So, we urge you to send us your feedback.  Let us know what you are thinking.  At the same time, let us know who you are.  Sometimes, and email cannot give us the personal feeling and understanding.  Send us a picture of yourself, so we can put a face to the name.  When you walk in, we want to be able to greet you personally.  A happy customer, a compliment, a smile….these things make my day.  That is not to say if you have a complaint or concern I don’t want to hear it.  Let me know, there is always room for improvement.  Remember, we are in this together.

I Am here for you.


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