Product Freshness at Fair Prices – Diana’s Seafood Commitment

Hello everyone. First of all, I would like to thank everyone for the support over the years. I hope our newsletter is informative, and I hope that our products keep your taste buds in a state of joy. We are here to provide you (the customer) with the freshest products at fair prices. If you know me, you will understand my concern for freshness, and what I will go through to make it happen.

I am open to suggestions and welcome your feedback. We need to know what you are thinking in order to constantly make improvements. So feel free to email me anytime.
But, I also need some help as well. With our rapidly growing customer base, it is hard to know everyone by name and face. So, in the interest of serving you better, could you please send us some contact info(profile picture if possible).

Rest assured that Diana’s will only use the information to better service the customer.

And remember, don’t wait for the last minute, email or call in your orders. This way, you will have the seafood you need for your function. And not go home empty handed or with a substitute you really did not want.

Thanks in advance for your efforts
Hope to see you all soon.

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