Sashimi Grade Albacore Tuna Sampling This Weekend (Nov. 25)

Albacore Tuna

Sashimi Grade Albacore Tuna $8.88/lbs!

I was so impressed with the quality and taste of the sashimi grade albacore tuna (white tuna) that I ordered more and decided to keep it at the sale price of $8.88 per pound to give people a chance to see what a fantastic product it is.

I have spoken to the chef, and he has allotted some time to do some sampling of the white tuna on the weekend.  It will be served raw with the chef’s special sauce.    If you are lucky enough, you may come in at the right time and get a taste.

If not, you may get a taste of some his smoked steelhead salmon which is also a repeat product that had great success last week.

We at Diana’s believe the proof is in the pudding and are willing to let you try for yourself and make your own decisions.  We are obviously confident you will enjoy or products.

At Diana’s we are proud of being recognized as having the freshest fish.  We will not allow anything to damage our reputation, and we will certainly not cut corners to save money.  There is no reason to sacrifice freshness/quality.  The extra price associated with bringing fresh fish is worth every penny.  Thus, we will stick to our guns and bring only the best.

I will be out of town this weekend.  So, please call the store at 416-288-9286 and ask for the retail.  They will be able to look after you for the time that I am away.

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