Special Notice – Main Shrimp Delay

Spot PrawnsHello everyone,

Unfortunately the shrimps are delayed and we are hoping they will be here at Diana’s Seafood tomorrow(Saturday morning). It was a weather issue with 25 inches of snow in new York. The city was pretty much shut down. I spent the last 24 hours trying to arrange flights, trucks, brokers etc. but it seemed that product arrival in Toronto for today was doomed. So, I am waiting to see for a confirmation of delivery for tomorrow a.m. I will send out another email letting everyone know the status.

Keep in mind, they are only shipping me about 60 percent of what I ordered, so, I have instructed the staff to fill the orders according to who ordered first. I hope all that have ordered will get some shrimp.  As for walk in customers. I don’t think there will be any left.

Sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but I am also the bearer of good news when something good comes in. please understand that I am doing my best for you, the customer. This was a learning experience for me. Now, I will put some channels in place as a backup plan for future. This way, we have a better chance of getting the shrimp for next week(Chinese New Years).

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