Seafood Recipes

Seafood PaellaBy DianaThis saffron-infused paella is loaded with mussels, clams, and shrimp. Cook it on the grill in your biggest skillet for best flavor (no special pan required). It serves a crowd and would be so much fun for your next cookout.
Oysters RockefellerBy DianaLooking to impress without much effort? Oysters Rockefeller will do the trick. With very little effort you can have a fancy little appetizer everyone will rave about. Topped with spinach and buttery bread crumbs, these oysters will be gone faster than you can say Rockefeller. Leftover oysters?
Lemon Butter Tilapia FilletsBy DianaTilapia makes an easy-to-cook and healthy main dish. There are many tasty ways of preparing these fillets, but by broiling them, a beautiful golden and succulent brown exterior develops, enhancing the mild flavor of the fish. If using frozen fillets, thaw in the refrigerator before your start. Serve with your favorite sides, such as rice, potatoes, vegetables, roasted asparagus, or pasta salads, and sauces like tartar or tzatziki.
Steamed Mussels with Tomato and Garlic BrothBy DianaMussels have three things going for them: They're cheap, quick to cook, and delicious. Using clean farmed mussels negates one big drawback—the tedious chore of scrubbing and debearding.